About Us: Mission


Retrofit America is providing homeowners across America with energy savings and more comfort by improving the energy efficiency of their homes.

Through our hassle-free, one-stop-service, you can reduce your monthly utility bills by 20% to 50% – and we’ll bring financing to the table so you have no upfront costs!

Retrofitting homes across America has become a national priority:
  • More energy efficient homes lowers the cost of living for American homeowners.
  • It creates good jobs, putting thousands of American contractors back to work.
  • It improves the environment, since 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from heating and cooling America’s homes and buildings.
Financial incentives are now in place from the federal government, state energy programs and public utilities to make retrofitting your home a financial winner.

We've launched Retrofit America in January 2010 to get the job done for America's homeowners. Just sign up for your home energy audit to determine the energy efficiency measures that will save you money. We'll then line up financing, rebates and tax credits for you, complete your home improvements and verify that the work is done right!
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